Monday 5 September 2011

Yes Prime Minister - I'm off to Frightfest! (FrightFest 2011 Part 2).

WARNING: this particular entry contains frequent and explicit examples of name-dropping. If you are easily offended by shameless gratuitous references to celebs (albeit mostly from the horror genre) then please read on at your own discretion knowing you have been duly warned...
Alastair McGowan (not a Mexican Director / Producer)
So, having failed miserably to acquire Diana Rigg’s autograph (last blog entry dear reader, do try and keep up), and having spent far too long hobnobbing with Alastair McGowan I trudged back to my hotel on Leicester Square. On route I completely ignore that fine English thespian Simon Williams, currently playing Sir Humphrey Appleby in Yes, Prime Minister in the West End, who passes me by not once but twice, by the theatre, clearly hoping I will whip out my autograph book and Sharpie and offer them to him. But what Mr Williams doesn’t realise is, this little autograph book of mine is brand new and is yet to garner a single paw print from anyone. And, (no offence Simon) but I wanted my little sky-blue book’s first time to be with someone a bit, well, special. Thinking about it though, Simon might very well have been waiting for Ms Rigg rather than hoping to be recognised, in which case I’m very sorry I didn’t approach you Mr Williams, and I sincerely hope Alastair McGowan didn’t keep you too long (he does go on a bit).
Ditching the unsigned stills of Ms. Rigg from ‘Theatre of Blood’ back at the hotel I proceed with purpose and renewed optimism around the perimeter of the building site that is currently Leicester Square toward the Empire Cinema, home to FrightFest for the next five days. My agenda is simple: to watch fifteen horror films in the next three days and nights; and to get my photo taken with as many celebs as possible along the way. Tonight Matthew I will be a celeb stalking tart. Now when I say celebs I mean primarily people of some note within the horror genre itself, but of course anyone remotely recognisable from further afield will also gain my polite and courteous attention.
Joe Lynch - sober(ish)
Upon entering the grand foyer of the Empire I immediately hone in on my first two targets, both of which are pre-planned (on my part that is not on theirs) They are the very amenable and very approachable young American directors Mr Joe Lynch and Mr Adam Green. Both are regulars at FrightFest and have become an integral part of the proceedings with their jolly japes and bawdy across-the-pond humorous quips – oh they really are quite special. Joe happily signs my DVD cover of ‘Wrong Turn 2: Dead End’ with the touchingly sweet phrase: ‘Three-finger loves you ‘and whilst posing with me for a photo I pay this fine filmmaker due respect and deference and explain I’m getting his autograph now whilst he’s still sober and his handwriting is vaguely legible (He concurs wholeheartedly with my strategy).  

Adam Green, the director of such chuckle some cinematic capers as: ‘Hatchet’ and its startlingly original titled sequel: ‘Hatchet 2’ is presented with a DVD cover from ‘Hatchet’ for scribblation for which he very kindly inscribes: ‘Victor Crowley lives’ and convivially acquiesces to a photographic commemoration with yours truly of this momentous occasion. Huzzah! Two autos in the bag before the Fest has even started!
Mr Adam Green - jolly chap.
Now my keen Spidey-sense is scanning the foyer for my next rendezvous; a outstandinglycreative visionary Mexican director / producer who to date has given us such extraordinary works as ‘Cronos’, ‘The Devil’s Backbone’ and ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ and well I could go on, but seeing as the bugger didn’t show up I won’t waste any more words on this clearly overrated upstart.
Neil Marshall, director of the ferociously fabulous werewolf flick ‘Dog Soldiers’ and ‘The Descent’ (the scariest film about potholing ever) appears in my line of vision, but he’s deep in conversation with his other half, and as I grabbed him for a photo last year I turn instead toward the entrance to Screen 1 and the first film of FrightFest 2011; ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ (produced by some relatively unknown Mexican bloke...)   

To be continued...