Monday, 10 October 2011

A Quantum (Leap) of Solace - (FrightFest 2011 Part 3)

Once again, this blog contains explicit name-dropping. Those of a nervous celebrity disposition are advised to read the following with extreme caution.
FrightFest Day 2 (Friday).
I finally succumb to Twitter and get myself an account. I’m persuaded by the promise that a selection of FrightFesters tweets will be projected onto the Empire’s screen between films. (Like that ever happened). I peruse through some of the suggestions for celebrities to follow (on Twitter you understand, not literally – I haven’t resorted to actual stalking – at least not yet). Amongst the obvious suspects I initially select; Stephen Fry, Sarah Silverman, William Shatner etc, etc, there is Jonathan Ross, or @wossy if you prefer.  Anyways, I choose to follow Mr Ross and his morning tweet pops up:
“Good morning. It’s unpleasant weather in London. I am glad I’m not a fox”
Without a moment’s thought I reply:
“@wossy You should get yourself down to FrightFest sir. Weather proof fun!”   
And think no more of it. Then shortly after, I receive a notification on my iphone: “jonathan ross (@wossy) replied to one of your Tweets!”
“we are going tonight!!”
I’m stunned. Me, a novice at this Twittering lark and here I am bantering with Jonathan Ross (ok, so one tweet doesn’t exactly constitute ‘bantering’, but be fair, it’s still a fine start to my Tweeting career).