Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Zombie Wicker Women - (FrightFest 2011 Part 4 in 3D)

Ladies and gentlemen, the first few lines of this blog are in 2D – however you will still need your 3D glasses...
It’s a fine crisp Saturday morning as yours truly s(troll)s with some purpose and several egg McMuffins in his stomach toward the Empire cinema for the third and final day (for this young handsome attendee at least) of FrightFest 2011. I am scheduled to go troll hunting at 11am. A bit early for that sort of thing you say? Well if you can get your mind out of the sewer for 5 seconds I will clarify – really! The trolls I am interested in this morning are of the Norwegian kind; they are big mean, hairy and dangerous (and no they are not exchange students from Oslo).